This November, California Legislators want to force unlimited abortion into the State Constitution.

Vote NO on Prop 1

The Reproductive Freedom Amendment, Proposition 1, intentionally misrepresents the law. Unborn children are currently being terminated throughout pregnancy in California, even healthy children in healthy mothers. Proposition 1 intentionally uses the deceitful language of Roe v Wade. It pretends to ‘limit abortion’ but allows abortion for cases of the ‘woman’s health’. However, they intentionally do not tell you health is already legally defined in Roe v Wade, as any ‘sociological, psychological, or extraneous issue’ the abortionist cares to employ, even post viability. (410 US @183) This ‘health exception’ language is the language that allows radical feminists to claim that any restriction on an abortion they want is a restriction on their liberty and their personal ‘choice’. Yes, even late-term abortion of healthy children.

You have not been told the facts about Roe v Wade and abortion on demand and they have no intention to tell you now!

Roe defined a mother’s health expansively, as determined by “all factors — physical, emotional, psychological, familial, and the woman’s age — relevant to the wellbeing of the patient.” Under this logic, doctors are able to justify abortion in practically any instance, as any woman who might be conjectured experience emotional strain or mental discomfort as the result of the pregnancy therefore would be legally given an abortion whenever the abortionist wishes to do it. The State of California not only embraces that reasoning, but gladly funds all these abortions without question.